Comitato Italiano Associazioni Parkinson

Italian Committee of Parkinson’s Associations – Presentation

The Italian Committee of Parkinson’s Associations was born from the need to join forces among the many national associations that are dedicated to support of Parkinson’s patients and their families. It is no-profit and no-partisan, it aims to concretely improve the lives of people with Parkinson’s through:

  • Coordination of as many existing Parkinson’s associations as possible
  • Planning and implementation of communication and training tools to support sharing activities, experiences, projects and resources
  • Promotion of virtuous member projects making them usable on national level, facilitating collaborations, partnerships, raising funds and optimizing resources
  • Conduct a National pathology census

The Committee is structured into a Directive Council made up of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and three managers, the operational headquarters of the Committee is in Verbania (VB).

The Committee is organized into regional sections and, where not present, through ambassadors who act as “spokespersons” and POPs (point of presence).

As provided in the STATUTE by article 5 “Endowment Fund”, the Committee is also authorized to receive sponsorships for projects and services.

Download : Comitato Italiano Associazioni Parkinson – STATUTE

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